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Official Page of the SPC ICM from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU).


- Students for students -

The SPC ICM is the official Study Program Committee of ICM at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht and has been created in 2008.

Every study program has such a committee. Our mission is to give students a voice by communicating with the faculty’s management regarding HU’s internal and external activities. We are thus the connection between students and ICM's management.

Our main task is to provide advice on how to improve the study program in order to raise the quality of ICM. Our activities concern all years and includes the evaluation of the content and structure of various courses. Another example of our activities is the evaluation of the communication between teachers and students.

The SPC should hold 6 official members, preferably from various cultural backgrounds and different stages of the program. This is to form a good representation of ICM’s student population.

Is something bothering you in ICM and do you have proposals for improvement? Don't hesitate to approach us and we will do our best to improve our study program!

Adres: Heidelberglaan 15, 3512 JE Utrecht (stad)
Stad: Utrecht
Route: Heidelberglaan 15
Postcode: 3512 JE

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