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Burger Bar


Burger Bar - Quality. Choice. Service.

Open Daily! Hours vary per location.
You can find us now in Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague!


Opening in June 2007, the first BURGER BAR in #Amsterdam’s Kolksteeg proved an instant hit! #BURGERBAR quickly grew an enviable reputation among locals and visiting tourists alike.

The real burger experience - AT LAST! - People flocked to our restaurant at the Kolksteeg 2. They still do so today.

At the start of 2010, following the enormous success of the original BURGER BAR, we opened the second restaurant in the Reguliersbreestraat 9.
Later we opened the third BURGER BAR at the Warmoesstraat 21, our Utrecht branch and Burger bar Express in the Warmoesstraat 70 were soon to follow.

The reason for our rapid success? Aside, of course, from having our loyal customers coming back time and again and spreading the BURGER BAR name both near and far.
We focus upon serving YOU with three things: Quality. Choice. Service.
Three VERY important values, we strongly believe in.


Fresh is best! At BURGER BAR we couldn't agree more. From our locally-baked range of buns to the crispy lettuce in your Burger of choice, we offer the freshest natural ingredients you will taste.

When it comes to the premium beef in your Burger bar burger – that’s where our pride in quality REALLY speaks! Delivered fresh daily. Prepared individually to order and cooked whilst you wait; choose from pure Irish Beef, Prime Aged Black Angus US Beef or genuine Wagyu Beef widely believed, by many, to be the Highest Quality Beef in the World.
Our succulent vegetarian Portobello Burger is filled with a Portobello mushroom that’s market-fresh.

For your Burger bar experience, you’re in for a REAL treat!

The Belgian Fries to compliment your burger of choice are cut daily on the premises too- Quality ALWAYS shines through!

The latest addition to join the BURGER BAR ‘family’ is The Philly Steak.
Our Philly Steak is thinly-sliced, succulent and tasty entrecote, flash-grilled on the griddle plate.
Sandwiched between the locally-baked burger bun of your choice. Served-up with freshly grilled onions, crispy iceberg lettuce, peppery arugula and tangy sliced tomato. Accompanied of course by our legendary homemade creamy cocktail sauce.


Take one glance at our menu and you will see that we offer a wide and varied choice. YOU make the choices!
Aside from three choices of Premium Beef. Want your burger grilled rare or well done (medium/well done is our ‘standard’ way) … we’ll cook it to your taste!
Will it be sandwiched between a brown bun, or maybe an Italian bun instead? Whichever you’d like to try … just take YOUR pick!

You want to add sizzle to your ordered burger? Sure! That’s no problem at all.
Choose from a range of extras; from goat’s cheese to real red cheddar cheese, from crispy bacon to ripe avocado, fried egg or grilled vegetables on top and more…
Your burger- your way!

Our Belgian Fries can be served with a choice from a wide array of sauces; from the ‘traditional’ tastes of Dutch (Zaanse) mayonnaise or Heinz tomato ketchup® through to our own home-made Samurai, Garlic and Creamy cocktail sauces, there’s sure to be a sauce to tempt your taste buds here.


Service starts the moment you walk through the door of a BURGER BAR.

Wander to the counter, check the menu, choose your meal and relax whilst it’s being prepared and cooked for you. You're in a safe and friendly place!

Look around you and take the Burger bar experience in…clean work surfaces, tables and the like. Hear music gently playing in the background and the chatter of fellow Burger bar fans enjoying their meals.
Whilst the vision of people eating their Burgers’ off plates with knives and forks may surprise you, please don’t feel that you can’t just grasp your burger between two hands and experience the winning BURGER BAR taste.

Of course, GREAT food doesn't taste as great if it’s served up by someone without a smile and a couldn't-care-less attitude to match. We pride ourselves upon the service you’ll receive from our friendly, trained and knowledgeable staff.

BURGER BAR’s opening hours also reflect our commitment to delivering top service to our customers - whatever it takes.
All branches are open from 11 a.m. daily until the wee, small hours.
We are here for YOU!
Isn't it about time that YOU popped in, received a warm welcome and experienced something that’s not just a burger? BURGER BAR – mEAT THE BEST!

BURGER BAR restaurants:


Plein 3, DEN HAAG
Call & Pick up service: 070-2136038
Opening hours:
Sun-Wed: 11:00-01:00
Thur-Sat: 11:00-05:00


Eerst van der Helststraat 62-B, AMSTERDAM.
Call & Pick up service: 020-370-4956
Opening hours:
Sun-Thu: 11:00-01:00
Friday & Saturday: 11:00-03:00

Reguliersbreestraat 9, 1017 CL Amsterdam.
Call & Pick up Service: 020-330-5968
Opening hours:
Sun-Thu: 11:00-01:00
Friday & Saturday: 11:00-04:00

Kolksteeg 2, 1012 PT Amsterdam.
Call & Pick up Service: 020-624-9049
Opening hours:
Sun-Thu: 11:00-03:00
Friday & Saturday: 11:00-04:00

Warmoesstraat 21, Amsterdam.
Call & Pick up Service: 020-774-0300
Opening hours:
Sun- Thu: 09:00 – 01:00
Friday & Saturday: 09.00 – 03.00


Schoutenstraat 15, Utrecht.
Call & Pick up service: 030-8777344.
Opening hours:
Sunday to Wed: 12:00-24:00
Thursday to Saturday: 12:00-05:00

(Kitchens close 30min before closing time.)

Hope to see you soon at Burger Bar!

Onze taak

Burger bar is about Quality, Freshness, Choice and great service!


100% beef burgers: Irish Beef, Black Angus and Wagyu.
Chicken burgers and almost 100% veggie burgers- We say almost 100% veggie as it's prepared on the same surface as the meat.
A selection of toppings to add sizzle to your burgers!
Jalapenos, bacon, cheese, onions and more...
Fries and different sauces to choose from!
Additions available only in the Warmoesstraat 21:
Rib steak, Philly steak, chicken wings, salads, soup of the day, onion rings, breakfast (Available also in Burger bar Express together with milkshakes and smoothies), deserts and warm drinks.

Adres: Warmoestraat 21 , Amsterdam 1012 HT, NL
Telefoonnummer: 020 774 0300
Stad: Amsterdam
Route: Warmoestraat 21
Postcode: 1012 HT

Maandag: 09:00-01:00
Dinsdag: 09:00-01:00
Woensdag: 09:00-01:00
Donderdag: 09:00-01:00
Vrijdag: 09:00-03:00
Zaterdag: 09:00-03:00
Zondag: 09:00-01:00

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Burger Bar

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